Wath is the most beautiful place in America?

  1. hi
    wath is for you the most beautiful place in America ??

    I live in Germany but I think in America is the most beautiful place San Diego and for you?

  2. Where in Germany do you live? I live there too :smile:

    Hmmm, the most beautiful place in America...That's difficult. I moved to America when I was 5 and came back to Germany when I was 20 (April 2006), I'm 21 now. I lived in many placed during the years I was in the US, so I've seen a lot.

    It really depends on what you think is "beautiful". The Rocky Mountains and Grand Canyon are beautiful, as are many cities in the US :smile:

    There was something beautiful about all of the places I've lived in (Desert, Deep South, and Middle atlantic) :smile:
  3. Ich wohne in Münchenroth das is in er Nähe von Wiesbaden und Koblenz ;)
  4. Totally biased here (everyone thinks where they live is best I guess!;) ) New York State is amazing. You have the obvious NYC, but then the Hamptons and the nice parts of Long Island, scenic, beaches, old historic towns and houses. Upstate has some breathtaking valleys, you have the Lake George area which is stunning, with mountains, lakes etc. Go further up by Canada and you have the Niagara falls nearby. It is a really diverse cool place.
  5. Ich wohne in Unterfranken, in der Nähe von Kitzingen und Wuerzburg :smile: Super dich kennen zu lernen :idea:
  6. I love New England in the Fall season.
  7. I'm going to have to vote for the Grand Canyon.
  8. def the Grand Canyon...wow!
  9. I would say Hawaii, Yosemite, or Big Sur/Carmel/Monterey coast
  10. How I wish I knew German!!! :rolleyes: Lucky! I recognize Wuerzburg...and that's it.

    Well, there are so many neat and unique places! For cities, I like San Francisco, Seattle, NYC, Chicago...For regions, I think the shores of Lake Superior and the UP of Michigan are amazing. I also like Colorado, or the 4 corners region.
  11. Alaska is breathtaking!
  12. New England, Pacific NW and Hawaii
  13. Hmm...

    I thought Maine was gorgeous... the Bar Harbor area. It looked just like a postcard!

    Hawaii has a lot of beautiful spots... especially on the Big Island imo. I like the contrast of the lava, the ocean, and the flora/fauna... the mountains. (I live in Hawaii, so I guess I'm a little biased! lol)...
  14. I've always wanted to experience that, medhavini! My loves are the Grand Canyon and the Blue Ridge Mountains/Smoky Mountain National Park in the fall color season. They take my breath away.:love:
  15. Favorite City in America is Washington DC. Unlike any other city in the US.

    Most beautiful place in North America is Lake Louise, AB Canada. Similar to Alaska. Absolutely breathtaking.