Watery OOZY eyes

  1. Well this week my eyes have been watering so much! It finally got better once i pulled some ingrown eye lashes but they are still kinda sticky and mucous feeling like they kept watering a ton! Well today i bought some antihistamine (since my eyes inst red , well its only red when I keep messing with it haha) so it feels a little better. But after doing research I started wondering, do you think this is the standard case of eye allergys or do you think something else?

    BTW, i get mucuous clumps at the corner of my eyes daily all the time cause when i wear eyeliner in the inner corner of my eye alot i get clumps of black.

    Any advice or suggestions appreciated!
  2. If you're waking up with your eyes crusted **** (gross I know) then it's definitely an infection of some sort.

    It could be that the ingrown lashes irritated your eyes enough that it might take a few days to go back to normal.
  3. ya it doesnt hasnt crust shut at night of course just the regular dried crusties on the outside of my eyes sometimes. the eye drops have seemed to help...

    thanks for your input!
  4. sounds like pink eye to me. I had this same problem a couple of weeks ago when I use a new eye pencil. I got rid of the eye pencil and just kept applied a clean wash towel with cool water to my eyes. My eyes were red as hell but after a couple of days they were ok. You can check with your doctor to be sure.
  5. Maybe you should try switching eye makeup brands. I know personally I have an allergic reaction to bobbi brown.
  6. maybe thats what did it, i recently had an allergic reaction to smashbox. that made me all BUMPY and itchy on my face.

    I thought it might be pink eye but.......... um my eye is not red or pink nor does it itch.

    thanks for all the replies..
  7. Allergies....UGH..I get them to everything.Switch yur makeup..stop wearing mascara for a couple of days and see if it clears up.ANY kind of unclear(green?) Mucus is a sign of infection.Then u should see a doctor
  8. Thanks Jill, the stretchy stuff at first was like black because if my makeup up but the actual color of the stetchy mucous is clear. The antihistamine drops for my eyes seem to be helping ALOT!

    Thanks again for the input and reassurance. I have a weak immune system so I get sick, or get weird things pretty frequently so I like to catch things in their early stages cause I can recover faster.
  9. Dont forget to clean your makeup brushes too!!!

    I was the queen of pink eye. LOL
  10. I would go to the doctor to make sure. You could have some kind of infection so get it checked out before it turns worse.

    I'm sure the doc can give you some prescription drops.