Waterstain on Vachetta. Can I clean it? (Pic)

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  1. I just bought it on Ebay.... I hope it's authentic! The seller will send me some pics of the heatstamp and the datecode.

    But now my question: Can I clean that Waterstain?
    Babywipes? Magic Eraser?


    Thank you for your help!
  2. I used Coach leather cleaner on the bottom of my alma and it helped a lot!


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  3. yes, you can probably get it out alittle better, but not 100% but who knows..
  4. either the eraser or baby wipes might help but wouldnt get it back to 100%
  5. I bet you will be able to help it but I don't know if you'll be able to rid the bag entirely of the stain. Browse the FAQ section (cleaning threads) to see if anyone had a similar issue...or you could have the vachetta replaced?
  6. As others have said. I am sure you would be able to minimize it but not eliminate it.
  7. baby wipessssssss! they def work. i was impressed. (def a skeptic before hand)
  8. I hope those wipes work...it was really a good deal: just $267
  9. wow!!! what a steal! Congrats!
  10. ive never seal a water stain that dark. could it be grease?
  11. I would try the baby wipes before magic eraser. Try wiping the lighter areas a few times, then let it dry. Once the color matches a bit better, try wiping the entire thing. I've gotten water spots before and was able to blend them in like this.