Waterspots - GONE!!! Baby wipes have done it again!!!

  1. Another great use for babywipes: getting rid of waterspots on vachetta!!! Here are some pics of before and after of my MC Alma after only one application and a couple minutes drying time!!!:nuts:
    waterspots.jpg GONE.jpg
  2. Wow, I must try this on my keepall, poor thing has gone through a lot
  3. what baby wipes do you use? everyone else has had problems with the vachetta darkening, and now i'm afraid to use baby wipes too :wondering
  4. I cant believe that I still havent gone out and bought some baby wipes! This stuff rocks!

    Thanks for the before and after pics Irene!
  5. Wow... that's awesome. :smile:
  6. I use Pampers with Aloe:
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    Sandra, I wouldn't use them on any of your bags because your vachetta is too light and they WILL darken virgin vachetta for sure.

    I honestly didn't care to try them on some of my bags that have been used and abused with wear. I figured, they couldn't get any worst. I am going to use it all over my Alma becuase two years ago I got stuck in the rain and it got waterspots all over. So far, I did the bottom strip and the part in the pic. I will repeat it a few more times, let it dry and will post a final pic tonight.
  7. That's a great tip Irene! Thanks for sharing...pics & all!:flowers:
  8. Thanks for the info!
  9. That looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing!:flowers:
  10. Oooh, thanks for the tip! My white speedy has terrible water spots. I think i'll stop by the store on the way home from work tonight...
  11. Great advice! Thanks for sharing the photos. I cant wait to see the final product.
  12. I have to get my hands on some....
  13. Thanks for the tip! I tried baby wipes on my Coach bag and they worked great! My LV's are too new for baby wipes but I did use a white artist eraser to take some marks off where my lock had rubbed. It worked great too. Just a thought for bags with new vachetta. :flowers:
  14. Wow that is great, I will have to remember that! I have long used baby wipes to get out pen marks from fabric too.
  15. i just got a used bag, and there is already a slight patina and water spots, so i was hoping to clean them off