1. Do you guys waterproof your Koobas? I want to keep the leather nice, but don't want to loose the softness of it.

    I have used applegard on other bags... should i use it on my new black claudia? :confused1:
  2. I use Wilson's Leather & Suede Protectant but Appleguard is good too. There are a few threads concerning leather protectors. Look down into the older threads or use the search to find them.
    I won't use a bag without spraying first anymore.
  3. I do put a waterguard on all of my bags but give warning about actually trying to CLEAN a bag with some products.

    I have cleaned bags before but I am talking about a little mild dirt in a corner or two. I stained my Baca and tried to clean it off, and kept cleaning it...and kept cleaning it and ruined the PH of the leather making it hard like a saddle bag and bleeding the stain.

    So take GREAT CARE when you are using a leather cleaning product, do NOT repeatedly use it on the leather, get professional advice on a good bag.

    Lesson learned...
  4. I do have LovinMyBags cleaner and moisturizer and it works great for small marks or scratches but I have learned my lesson. I did the same thing Lindy did and tried to clean and clean the coffee stain out of my Botkier and ended up with a huge mess far worse than the original. For big messes...Barbara will get my business.