Waterproofing your Muse

  1. Hi! I was wondering if it's possible to waterproof the Muse by spraying some waterproofing spray for leather?
    The girl at the YSL shop told me it can't be done because it will stain the leather. However, I was thinking - if it's a spray used for waterproofing leather, then it shouldn't stain the Muse right? I've used the spray on LV, Miu Miu and Chanel leather bags with no harm done...

    Please let me know if you have waterproofed your Muse and what spray you've used. Thanks loads!
  2. I've used Apple Garde on my metallic pewter with no issues.
  3. with the off white one I got last week they told me it was treated and not to do anything...The SA told me since it is a light color and if it gets dirty just use Coach leather cleaner...That is what they use on the YSL bags at Saks if they get dirty