waterproofing spray?

  1. Hello=)
    I just bought a soft leather bag, and want to protect it as well as possible. Is it safe to use those waterproofing sprays on bags? Will it change the leather?? If it is a good idea, does anyone have suggestions as to what type to use??? Thanks a million;):yes:
  2. I use Collinil waterstop and am very happy with it. It doesn't change the color or the texture of the leather in any way, and repels Seattle's rain just fine. I use two light coats on bags and shoes, and reapply each fall. :yes:
  3. Apple Garde has a good one. There's a 20% off discount for it now at:

    LeatherStuff.com | Apple Rain and Stain Repellent

    Use the code 'fall2006' for the discount.

    It doesn't affect the leather at all. I've even used it on metallic bags. HTH. :smile:
  4. ^^^ that's good stuff and a good deal. I also use the conditioner on my leather chairs.
  5. I have used a couple of different ones, all with good success.
  6. I use Kiwi brand. It's usually in the section of the stores with the shoe polishes and such. Works great on shoes AND bags. I've never had anything get messed up so far, but I always test it on an inconspicuous spot first.