Waterproofing Spray on Bags?

  1. HAs anyone done it? I have sprayed expensive leather shoes for water protection, I was wondering if anyone has tried it with their Chanel leather bags.

    In Northern CA winter is rain, rain, rain, rain - well, you get the idea.
  2. really? what spray? any recommendations? wonder if Spore has any...........
  3. One of the SAs I talked to told me never to put anything on the Chanel leather without consulting the store because it might react differently than typical leather.. so that would be my advice for you :heart:
  4. I've used Apple Garde water/stain repellent spray on my leather Chanels with no problem whatsoever. :nogood:

    I've also used it on my coated canvas melrose cabas with no problems at all! I highly recommend it.
  5. Well, with shoes, I used one I got at Nordstrom's can't remember the name, maybe Tano? On my Mulberry, I use the Collonil they recommend for that brand.

    But, yes I am scared to put anyhting on the Chanel, but then I practically can't use the bags for 5 months a year LOL! Which is why I bought a couple of the vinyl Chanel styles.
  6. I'm afraid to spray anything on Chanels. I used to live in San Jose, and when it rained, I carry my canvas bags.....vinyl would be great if I had one at the time.
  7. Does the smell of the leather changed after you sprayed it with apple garde? I heard that the chemical odor is pretty strong on apple garde. I just don't want to loose the new leather smell..
  8. Tana Leather Polish (Cleaner and Protector) is a really awesome product. It's great for most leather bags, but it is thick and I would never use it on any of my Chanels unless you are prepared for a color change. - M
  9. I spray all of my Chanel's with Vectra, even the lambskin.
  10. I have sprayed leather protector on all my bags before using them--lambskin, caviar leather--all of them. I use a brand called Pedaq, which is very good, but I have also used other kinds. I always ask for the best protector spray at a quality footwear store.

    If you're scared, you can always try a small area inside the bag, but I have never had a problem. I have a vintage bag that I have used leather protector and touch-up cream on for a long time--it's black lambskin--and it looks great!

    I would still try to avoid the rain, because it just isn't good for leather, period. If you've protected the leather, at least you don't have to worry as much.
  11. Snowwhite, what kind of touch up cream do you use on your black lambskin bag?