Waterproofing LV


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Jan 18, 2006
I just bought my very first Louis Vuitton (a monogram canvas pochette & coin puse) and i am not sure if i have to waterproof it or anything? Does anyone know what i should do?
And also i want the Patina. How long does it usually take?
Some use Applegarde, some use Shining Monkey...

Patina depends on the use, exposure to light/sun/etc...if you want it to speed up, I recommend "tanning" it. I did it to my Popincourt Haut, by putting it out in the sun, rotating the bag every 15 minutes.
Hi all! So I've found a lot of info on cleaning but some stuff is still unclear to me.

I'm less concerned about the leather than I am the canvas- I just ordered a Damier azure neverful gm.. and denim dye transfer is what I'm worried most about. I carry my totes on my arm not my shoulder... so denim transfer is likely... will apple guard or the monkey one work on the canvas or just leather parts? I'm just unsure on what I can do to prevent the dark denim dye from transferring that's safe. I feel like if I clean it all the time, I'll rub the coating and print right off in no time.

Also, I've seen products out there for protecting other canvas like boat sails, tents, even men's work pants.. things like scotch guard or kiwi fabric waterproofer as well.. even vinyl fabric spray coating from rustoleum.. (meant for outdoor furniture cushions).. probably a bit too extreme to try that one though! what's the best option?
My LV SA says to never put anything on the canvas because it could likely get damaged. I gently wipe my bags down with a clean, soft dampened cloth when they need some sprucing up, which is every few months. I never wear denim clothes when I carry my Damier Azur bags.
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