Waterproofing Lambskin?

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  1. Hi all. I'm new to this forum and would really, really appreciate some help. I bought a black lambskin classic flap a while back and am seriously scared to death to carry it out. After reading some of the horror stories on this forum, I am even more scared to carry it out.. I really want to waterproof the bag and have used LovinMyBag's products on my other handbags. I was wondering if you ladies think that it's safe for me to use their products on the lambskin? I've heard a lot of good things about their products, but I'd really appreciate more opinions on this, as I am the most paranoid person ever... sigh* Thanks much! :smile:
  2. I spray my leather bags with Shining Monkey fabric/leather protector.
  3. I wouldn't use LMB products on chanel bags. I've tried it on my bbags and it didn't work out. I suggest Appleguarde leather products, if not, you could always send it to those 'bag spa' boutiques. I sent my olsen tote for waterproofing too!
  4. I've heard great things about Vectra spray.
  5. I've used lovinmybag's cream protector on all the lambskins and there is no darkening, no telltale sign at all. I'd be interested to hear why others are not satisfied with their product.

    I have Vectra and use it on shoes. It's a liquid. Even when it's s misted onto a lighter lambskin, it goes on wet, darkens the bag until dried and it scares the bejesus outta me seeing the lambskin darken. Anything wet can leave a wet mark and so I be playing the odds by using Vectra again.
  6. I use Apple garde on my lambskin and it doesn't change the leather texture nor appearance.Make sure to spray a fine mist all over tho and careful not to concentrate on an area.As for its effectiveness I dunno yet...will report back if anything :smile:
  7. The color came off from my bbag when I used LMB's products on it. I only put a little on the sponge given and 'rub' very gently on a small portion then the color came off. Like you, it scared the sh*t out of me too!! And from then not I avoided using them on any other bags just in case. :Push:
  8. I agree. I use the AppleGuard spray to waterproof/protect my bags and shoes before I wear them. It is available from www.leatherstuff.com
  9. I have Shining Monkey but I'm too afraid to use on my leather bags. I've tried it on my LVs and it's great but I'm just a little hesitant for my leather bags. Do you spray it on all your leather bags even the metallics and the glazed?
  10. I haven't sprayed it on my metallic bags, but I have sprayed it on my yellow glazed lambskin and it was just fine. I also sprayed it on my distressed calfskin reissues (non-metallic) and they are just fine. I also sprayed my "white" bubble quilt bowler, and my violet lady braid - all are just fine.
  11. ^Thanks so much:flowers: ... if you trust it enough to use on your absolutely stunning collection, I guess I shouldn't be so worried to give it a try.
  12. Thanks for all the great advice; I'm gonna look into the Shining Monkey products.. report back later.. :yes:
  13. Do you think there's any way to make the smell of the LMB protector go away. There products work on my other bags, but I really can't stand the excessively sweet smell. :hrmm:
  14. I'll have to sniff my purses. I haven't noticed the odor when I carry them, so perhaps it dissipates when aired. (I kinda like the smell because my hands will have the scent until I wash them. I do know the folks who are LMB are relocating geographically and I believe redesigning and adding products. I received an email from them about 2 months ago.

    I remain impressed with the protector product. I used to be afraid to use my other than black lambskins.
  15. Thanks for this thread! I have been wondering if I should spray Apple Guard protector on my new Timeless Glazed Lambskin bags.

    Should I cover up all the hardware before spraying??