Waterproofing a vintage buy?

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  1. Hello

    I purchased(eagerly awaiting!) a Montsouris MM and of course it has a gorgeous patina and little bits of watermarks/dirt. I plan on using apple garde cleaner and conditioner. The question is, should I bother with waterproofing it? Or would it be too late for that?

  2. Please don't use Apple Cleaner. It's a harsh chemical product that will skin your patina. Apple Leather Care is the only safe, mild conditioner in that product line, and your bag doesn't need it unless you see visible cracking to the vachetta surface.

    I advise leaving it just as is and enjoying your bag.
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  3. Hello

    Ok thank you! I purchased the apple leather care conditioner. I was thinking to get the dirt off using the cleaner but it’s not a bad staining so could I use a baby wipe first?
  4. Baby wipes are designed for baby butts. I’ve used Lexol leather cleaner on an old lv with no problems. It is available at Walmart and lots of auto supply shops.