waterproof mono keepall

  1. hi guys,

    During the yersterday evening LV event at the Brussels store the waterprood mono keepall was on display floating in a huge water tank.

    I just LOVE this piece :nuts:

    The vachetta is replaced by a very strong and mat black plastic and there is no stitches, both materials are glued by a mysterious way.

    I realy realy love it, the black accent give a very manly and sporty look.

    You need to be on a list to get it and the price is 1380 euros.

  2. i love this too. i think they're fused like how they do it on raincoats and parkas. here's a photo of the one from the South East Asian Press launch in Vietnam:

    (photo courtesy of Chuvaness)
  3. I also like it. Does the black pastic look okay in real life though?
  4. Yeah, it rocks ! it's pretty mat and the harware are in mat black plastic too.

  5. I really like it!
    Anyone going to get one? :graucho:
  6. I LoVe it too! And price is not so bad... I think it's very limited though. ;)
  7. Very limited?? :s Hope I can get my hands on one...I'd love to get it for DBF.

    Any idea on the release date?
  8. Oooooh! Me likey! I keep wanting to buy a keepall....but the whole new vachetta thing mixed with travel scares me.....this could be a good option other than Damier
  9. I think you can already get one through 866 (at least for Details subscribers).
  10. i adore this bag. great concept- waterproof designer goods. maybe next year they'll do a fireproof or bulletproof bag. hot.:heart:
  11. My doctor just ordered one, its for the world cup I believe, but around $1800 ish.
  12. Very unique and exciting concept, I like it! Thanks for sharing. The pic in the bathtub is so fun!
  13. i love it .. looks soo cute ...

    when is the release date?
  14. Can you tell me the size of it?? a 50,55 or 60?
    I am so liking the black handles !!!!!:tup:
    They also make LV Cup sunglasses that float in the water.....
  15. I think its a 50