Waterproof mascara

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  1. Hi there
    I was wondering if someone can recommend a good waterproof mascara that doesn't run while in the humidity of Texas?

    Thank you
  2. I live in Houston, and I don't wear water proof, but something that stays on during the day for me is Trish McEvoy's mascara. It doesn't run or smudge.
  3. The one product I had really excellent results with is Lancome Hypnose Waterproof mascara. I live in Hawaii where it's humid most time of the year and this has never smudged or ran on me even when wearing all day. I also have oily eyelids and even with that, it has never given me racoon eyes. I've even worn it during swimming and it has never come off. In fact it's quite hard to remove with just soap and water. Had to use eye makeup remover to remove it completely. Only "con" I can think of is it gives a too dramatic result (for lack of better word) so I only put one coat of it during daytime.

    For a cheaper option, I also tried Maybelline Full N' Soft and Maybelline Lash Discovery, both water proof. The Lash Discovery is better for daytime as it doesn't give as dramatic a result as the Lancome.
  4. I usually just don't put it on the lower lashes.
  5. Diorshow mascara I am using.... :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  6. Lancome Hypnose Drama
  7. That is my favorite mascara, but I found a drugstore brand that just made me switch up. Loreal False Fiber lashes
  8. Thank you! I am always in search of a new/better mascara, so I'll definitely try that out soon!
  9. Good old fashioned cheap L'Oreal Volumnous. Awesome and never runs and isn't even waterproof. I've been using it 20 years and have tried all the epensive brands and this is the best by far.
  10. +1 that is a great mascara, but I need the wp version otherwise my lashes don't hold a curl.
  11. I always wear waterproof, and I also layer. I prefer Maybelline Lash Discovery WP (tiny brush), and usually layer over it either Maybelline Full n Soft WP or Loreal Voluminous WP. I've been testing out the Better than Sex WP from Too Faced but that can't go on its own--it has to go over the Lash Discovery or it's a disaster. I also use a metal lash comb to make sure I have no clumps (I have a whole production...) and I always curl my lashes before I start--WP not only holds a curl better for me, but my eyes water horribly bec of allergies, and this is the only way it won't end up everywhere.

    I also never wear it on the lower lashes.
  12. I am a big fan of waterproof mascara.

    My favorite is YSL Faux Cils waterproof (I am using it for years!). Is always on my make up bag!
    And second favorite: Lancome Hypnose waterpoof (Any type: regular, drama etc) work fantastic too!!

    MAC extra dimension waterpoof works but I don't like too much the final effect, a little spider lashes if you apply too much looking for volume.

    MUFE smoky lashes is so so, for the aplication brush, same problem with the MAC.

    D&G new waterproof mascara is horrible, save your money. View attachment 3445899
  13. Another vote for Loreal Volumonus. It is the ONLY drugstore brand that I still swear by. Every other product I use I have had to get away from drugstore to get the quality I want. Foundation. Eye shadow etc.... But Loreal Volumonus has always been the best mascara for not running. And that is my biggest complaint. I don't even need waterproof. They have come out with a new wand. The Butterfly. So it's the same old formula but a new brush. I love it. Really separates.
  14. Waterproof mascara is actually not good for eye lashes.
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