Waterproof mascara is damaging???

  1. I went to Sephora today to grab some more Diorshow Waterproof mascara, and the girl at the counter was like "have you tried --whatever," the other Dior one, something about it being extra black and non-waterproof.

    Well she continued to say that waterproof is so bad for your eyelashes, they'll fall out and be thinner and not as nice. I have been using like $7 waterproof mascara basically since I was like 13 years old, and have only within the past 8 months started wearing the Diorshow waterproof which is better.

    Is it really damaging? I mean honestly, I don't seem to have anything wrong with mine... but now I feel like maybe I should have gotten the other stuff? But whatever... just curious because I've never heard of that. I've even heard of needing to make sure it's not on my lashes when I sleep, but I just wear it to bed. I mean I'm almost 22 and I've been doing this since 13 so... nearly a decade when you think about it!
  2. I've never heard this, the only thing i can think of is that because it's harder to get off, you might damage your eyelashes whilst wiping them or rubbing them, yeah so sorry i'm not sure
  3. Neither have I heard of such thing. Except for the reasons aformentioned by xhollieax. Maybe the girl was just trying to get a comission?
  4. it's the removal that's damaging.
    If you use a really good remover that you don't have to work hard at getting it off then you're fine.
  5. I've found some waterproof mascaras that caused my lashes to fall out, but I think it may have been a personal sensitivity of mine to a particular brand. Many are great, including Diorshow waterproof which is my favorite. I agree with Swanky - a good oily eye makeup remover is key. I like Lancome remover best but Chanel is also good.
  6. I've heard that it's too drying, so you should only use waterproof mascara for when you really need it. :shrugs:
  7. I've never noticed that it damages my lashes but recently I bought some Chanel that isn't waterproof and I like it better. Before I would have black gunk all over my face and it was really hard to get off. Plus it would often get in my eyes and make them burn. Now the nonwaterproof comes off so much easier and I don't look as much like a racoon after a shower.
  8. i work at sephora and we don't make commission. so don't worry about the salespeople trying to make you buy something that is clearly not suitable for you.
  9. waterproof is more "damaging" because the ingrediants used to make it waterproof/ stay on our lashes longer are a little harsher than regular. but I love waterproof, now that i started using it i can't use the reg. I noticed that my lashes stay curled even after I take the mascara off. As for the drying-I use the blue lancome remover and since heres oil in there it doesn'tdry out my lashes
  10. i heard from someone who works at mac that waterproof mascaras are not good - thats why mac doesnt have waterproof mascaras. i cant remember why it's not good for you though. hehe

    personally, i like non-waterproof mascaras better. SO much easier to get it off. mainly because i get lazy and dont use the eye makeup remover when i should. lol