Waterproof LV

  1. Helloo everyone! It's been a long time since I posted..haha.

    But I read it somewhere that the Keepall is completely waterproof. And it stands up to complete submersion and even floats on water...Hmm..does this work for other models too?:graucho:
  2. They have brought out a new waterproof keepall that does that, I wouldn't go trying that with your normal keepall :p almost $2K I think
  3. There is a new one coming out that will be waterproof...not the current one :smile:
  4. The waterproof keepall is already avaliable in Global Stores. The launch date was July 1st and it is a Keepall designed to be completely waterproof and has black rubber trim.

    DON'T try to submerge your regular Keepall in water! :p
  5. my Doctor has one, it wasl like $1850 or something?
  6. The retail is $1950 USD.
  7. I really want one, just not sure about the price.
  8. what an amazing idea...
  9. Hahaha...just dun try it on ur speedy...your heart will sink with it..