Waterproof lengthening mascara?

  1. I just wanted to know what is the best waterproof mascara?
    I like quite liquidy mascara and am more into lenght than volume.

    I have lovingly used Helena Rubinstien's Spectacular, Lancome L'extreme, Estee Lauder Lash XL, Dior Show and Maybelline Great Lash, all not in waterproof.

    I find that water proof mascara can be a little thick and is not too easy to apply. Any suggestions?
  2. I just bought Bourjois Maxi Frange Waterproof one and I absolutely love it! Normally, I find waterproof mascara a little dry and cakey, but this was as good as the normal type. Glossy and smooth. I went swimming with it even and was surprised to find that I didn't have the raccoon eyes! It is my new favorite mascara!!!
  3. Yves Saint Laurent Aquaresistant. it's really WP and lenghthens & thickens. It is more on the liquidy side
  4. Balenciagalove - I saw the bourjois one but I wasnt sure how good it would be. But its a cheaper option so I might just try it out anyway! Its souns good thanks!

    sw0op- is the ysl one for lenghtening or volume specifically?

    sadhunni- i normally love diorshow but its not very liquid normally. doesn the waterproof version clump?
  5. I use and used HR and Lacome waterproof ones, if you don't need volumn then the HR is the best, it lengthen and separate, I didn't find it thick either. That being said, Blinc's Kiss me is truely waterproof and never smudge. It definitely doesn't give volumn and it's not thick at all. You might want to give it a shot.

  6. Sorry, I have no idea what Blinc's is. Im wondering if anyone knows if its available in the UK?
  7. it doesnt clump
  8. I am sure you can get it in London, I heard people getting it there before. It's also been recommended in this thread.

    You can also acquire it at http://www.blincinc.com/country_distributors.htm
    and here http://www.feelconfident.co.uk/blinc-kiss-me-mascara-p-256.html

    I swear that it doesn't smudge and truly waterproof. And you just need to wet your fingers with warm water then hold on to your lashes then slide the mascara off without using any force. Really handy, my only problem with it is it doens't give volumn. They also sell the prima to volumise and lengthen lashes.
  9. Estée Lauder sumptuous extreme waterproof lash multiplying mascara-extreme black