watermelon keyfob?

  1. Hi everyone! I know there's a watermelon charm, but does anyone know if Coach made a watermelon keyfob too? Thanks!! ^_^
  2. I've never seen a watermelon keyfob, just the charm and the coin purse watermelon slice that was sold in 2005.
  3. Thanks!! I'm not familiar at all with the variety of keyfobs that have come out... so the one on e-bay must be a fake. Darn, I looooooove watermelon!! :crybaby:
  4. http://www.coach.com/assets/product_images/drilldown2/1647_d2.jpg

    But there ARE a lot of fakes on eBay, especially the metal ones. Be careful!

    And almost all of those "custom" pieces sellers claim are made from genuine Coach charms are cheap fakes too. If you have a certain auction in mind, post it at the Authenticate This thread and I'll take a look, but I need to have a link to the auction or the seller's name.
  5. Thank you so much!! ^_^
  6. we have the watermelon key fobs at the outlet now :smile: they were just on deletes, we got them yesterday. happy hunting!
  7. Oooooooh, I wonder if my Waikele outlet got them in...?? I'll have to call them tomorrow!! Thanks for the info!!
  8. So I called my outlet today and apparently they had gotten the watermelon keyfobs a while back already and they're out... but they had two of the watermelon charms left so I have them both on hold. $9.99?? Can't beat that price!! Whoo-hoo!! Now if only I could get my hands on the M charm with nickel hardware at that price!!
  9. Did you check on the charms when you called? They deleted all of the initial charms with silver hardware also. I love the watermelon, I had to pick it up myself!
  10. I didn't ask them, but when I went last weekend, all they had were the exclamation mark, U's, and some other obscure letters. *lol*
  11. My daughter has the watermelon key fob. It has green leather, pink suede, and little black leather seeds.
  12. I know, I really wanted one... There was one on e-bay recently, but I tried contacting the seller about three times and no reply so I didn't get it. Even if it was real, I didn't appreciate that the seller didn't even get back to a potential buyer...
  13. my friend says the watermelon keyfobs are 9.99 in the outlets. i have to get my hands on one! soo cute!
  14. Aw, you're so lucky!! As much as I'm gonna love having the watermelon charm (tomorrow), I want the keyfob too! Hehe. I'm not exaggerating when I say I love watermelon so much I eat it every single day. My bf buys a watermelon every few days and keeps it cut up in a huge tupperware container in the fridge for me. It's one of the very few foods I never get sick of eating day in and day out. Even during the off-season, if there's watermelon at the store, my bf will buy it because he knows I'll eat unsweet, crap watermelon. *lol*