Watermelon Charm


    is that not the cutest thing ever? Does anyone have it? How big is it if you do have it? I have the watermelon cell phone lanyard from last year on my phone and now I gotta get this because they match hehe :yes:
  2. sooo cute, i want it so bad! hint, hint, raok buddy! (just kidding, hehe!)
  3. hahaha!
  4. Gosh, its SO pretty! :love:

  5. haha, I know! it is adorable.
  6. I ordered it. It is so cute.
  7. It is so cute! I have to order it one of these days.
  8. It's cute and would look great on my summer bag!
  9. its sooo cute! i cant wait for summer!!! im ordering one now! teehee
  10. Super cute!