Watermelon charm, why so much?

  1. Why is it $10 more than every other charm? (with the exception of the skull, which I believe is larger)????

    I really want it, but can't justify $40???
  2. Yeah, I was wondering the same thing too. $40 is quite a bit for just a charm. You could buy a mini skinny for that price. Or put that money towards a bag.
  3. Ok, I'm glad someone spoke up about this. Maybe it's because it's bigger than the other charms? Or they know it will be a popular item? I don't know. Just throwing things out there.
  4. I should be getting mine soon so I will let you know why it is more. I will post pics when I get it.
  5. I was thinking that, too! I love that charm but don't want to pay $40 for it.
  6. Did you look at enlarged pics of it? It looks a bit more detailed to me then some of the other charms.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. i agree with krispin, i think all the detail makes it more expensive. i think its pce worthy though.
  9. My daughter is in love with this! She's thinking that because it looks double sided and has lizard in it is why the price is higher. I wish the seeds were black, though.
  10. I bet it is because of the lizard on it.
  11. me too!!! i'd rather get a minny skinny for the $40, but i do love the look of this.
  12. I love that the inside is signature. I think it's $40 because its so dang cute and they know I will pay that much.
  13. I purchased this for my MIL. She is a watermelon collector. It's too cute!
  14. I really want it to put on my Coach Straw summer bag!!!
  15. ^ Me too!! How cute would that be on the straw bag!

    I also agree that it seems more detailed then usual... Do you think Coach's drive to become more elite and the general price increase with all of the bags in general might have something to do with it as well?

    Just something to throw out there... :smile: