watermarks/ scratches on darwin leather ( mulberry)

  1. When i was in selfridges the other week the SA on the mulberry stand showed me how to get rid of scratches and improve any water marks on the darwin leather so thought i would share!

    scratches - just rub them with the dust bag! ( she actually gor rid of a noticeable scratch on a chocolate Elgin in front of my eyes!)

    watermarks- apparently if you kind of bend and massage the leather where the watermark is, it makes it paler - worth a try!

    Anyone tried these techniques and have they worked for you?
  2. Aha - you've been in Selfridges! Thanks for the tips but what I want to know is - did you buy anything???
  3. Thankyou so much for that I was going to ask this question, but saved me the trouble .

    Sarajane do you know if chocolate is better for scratches and watermarks than the other colours?
    I have an olive phoebe but dare not take her out until i know there is small risk of rain:crybaby: . But it should'nt be like that.

    I have the soho in chocolate and chalk and they are a joy to use. I am soooooooo happy with them:yahoo:
    And i don't need to worry about scrathes and marks:happydance:
  4. I was just browsing!!!! but i have since ordered a chocolate Antony from harrods on-line (as can't get down to London v often !)
  5. I have a choc darwin leather ida bag, you can't notice the scratches, it's the most incedible leather, it does not seem to wear! Mulberry reccomend using a product called Collonil waterstop - I have used this on my bag inside and out and no water stays on the bag.
  6. Thanks for sharing the tips!
    Where to I get this Collonil spray??