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  1. I'm not sure if this was asked before, but if someone could let me know, that would be great. I just learned how to use a digital camera, and wanted to know how to watermark something. Thanks!
  2. I posted this before, but if you have a photo editing program, resize the photo first. Then use the text tool, and write whatever you want, then save. It can get more complex, but that's the basic idea...
  3. If you use windows there's a shortcut to making a copyright symbol:
    Alt + 0169

    I use a Photoshop program, I type the text onto my picture then reduce it's opacity so it's a little more transparent.
  4. I used ScriptSoftware (www.scriptsoftware.com). It has a number of different styles available. Once you decide on the style, you merely tell it which photos to "watermark". A necessary evil if selling handbags online nowadays!
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