1. While I know it might be too much to make it a rule to watermark photos, could we have a sticky in a prominent place that people should if they don't want to see their pictures representing fakes.

    I know I wouldn't mind watermarking photos for the photoshop impaired as long as someone pms me. I have more free time than sense to do with it :graucho:

    I wouldn't mind setting up a list of people who wouldn't mind doing the same so we can stop picture theft.
  2. I've also offered a couple of times to watermark for people. . . not one person has asked me to.
    I guess people think it won't happen to them?
  3. I downloaded IRFAN and can't figure it out....:shame: Need Watermarking for Dummies book!
  4. What a great idea!:yes:
    I also think it might be a good thing if someone could compile a step by step simpletons guide on how to watermark photos so people can do their own too (with a bit of help?):smile:
  5. ^we did it before. . . the problem is that everyone uses a different program.
  6. Swanky- I wish I read this before I posted my pics of my Mousse Paddy! Nuts! I got so excited that I just forgot about watermarking!!!
  7. Oh man! LOL! We can remove them and you could repost them if you like{?}
  8. REALLY! I am on a different computer I need to go save them. But then how will I watermark them? I just figured out how to post the damn things. OY!:cry:
  9. What photo editing program are you using?
  10. figured it out.
  11. 1. Your picture will be huge, don't worry about that. Resizing creates issues later.

    2. Left click and draw a box in your picture.

    3. Pull down Edit - Choose 'Insert Text into Selection'

    4. Type your name, Format your desired font, size and color and hit OK.

    5. If you don't like it, hit undo. If you like it, save your picture and you're done!
  12. You can watermark photos using Paint, the little program that comes with Windows, it's in Accessories.

    Almost everyone has Paint.

    I can post instructions if you want, but I don't want to clutter up the thread if it's been done already and no one needs them.
  13. This is a great little program to resize,edit and watermark multiple photos at a time with one click of a button. You can download it here-http://www.icegiant.com/dprz.shtml
  14. I have an iBook and I need a program to have my photos watermarked. Anyone know?
  15. OOH! YES PLEASE!the Irfan thing only confused me more..LOL..