Watermarking pics (for ebay, etc.) q

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  1. Hello,

    Can anyone tell me now to watermark pictures, I know it's a random question, but I'm so computer illiterate (but learning).

    Thanks soo much! :P
  2. Well, you need a halfway decent graphics program - there's a free one called GIMP, which I've never used.

    What you want to do is put your screenname or whatever into the text dialog and make it say, 75% transparent. One way of doing this is to make a 2nd layer, put on the text using the text wizard, and just making the whole layer 75% transparent (or 25% opaque). That percent is not a hard figure - tweak it till it looks nice. Then merge the layers (should be a menu option) and save it like normal.
  3. There is a website you can do it on also http://www.birddogsgarage.com/bdgwatermark/user.php
    Its fairly simple and free!

    I use my photo editing software photo suite and I do a collage then add/edit text. I use a bright neon color so its impossible for anyone to remove it without losing the pictured detail.

    A New thing I've started is I wrote my user id on a card and put the card with my bag in all my pictures! Much less time consuming
    Good Luck :smile:
  4. Alternately, you can sign up with a photo hosting service like Inkfrog (it's something like $9.95 a month) and you can set it to auto-watermark your pics with the color/text of your choice.

    Much easier than transparencies and layers, trust me!
  5. sign up for auctiva.com. you can upload and host pictures for free, as well as watermark them.
  6. I downloaded a free program off the internet called PicMark. Do a Google search and you'll find it. It works on PCs and Macs.
  7. I use batch watermark exe. Someone ever posted the link in this eBay board, try it or searc from google for free download :smile:
  8. I once saw a seller do the homemade watermark--I think it was her boyfriend that held a card with her id in all of the pix--funny to see a guy's hand holding a card, sort of disembodied in front of every purse. It was cute and easy.
  9. :yes: I ever gave sign of my item by put my bear near the bag :P
  10. Hm, if you want to do it fast and easy, just use Paint on your computer (if you are on a windows)... You know, the Paint program if you click on your start menu.. then programs, then accessories.. you'll see paint..

    That's how I watermark my pictures. easy and simple without having to get all the other programs.
  11. I am newly (today!) converted to IrfanView - there's full instructions in the feedback drop box sub-forum.:tup:

    Fantastic program, it's easy to use and free too.