Watermark your bBag pictures!!

  1. I just noticed one of my pictures has been hi-jacked along with another PF'ers onto eBay. I should've done this before... but be sure to watermark all your pictures!! :tdown:
  2. yikes! do you know who else's photos have been stolen? definitely report those auctions.
  3. Totally, I already PM'd her....;) & reported to eBay.. :boxing:
  4. ^ good sleuthing work! Sorry to hear bout ur pics! I do hope eBay takes down the auction!
  5. Grrr! Thanks for your warning!
  6. how do you watermark your pics?
    I don't know how to do it
  7. Yes ladies, let's please do each other a favor and watermark your photos! I know in the excitement of receiving a new bag we forget to watermark (I don't think I ever have and now I will). If you guys can help each other out and remind a PF'er to watermark his/her photo if the member forgets to do so in their thread.
  8. Sorry to hear that....i ever watermarked my pics but was too lazy lately. I think better play safe...goin forward, i better make sure i do that.

    Thanks...i hope ebay will take action to such irresponsible people
  9. i'm not sure how others are doing it, but going forward, i'll be watermarking my photos with photoshop... you can use photoshop or any other simple image program. there's probably one on your computer already - just use the type tool to write your name over the photo so no one else can use it...! :push:
  10. Thank you for the heads up. I suggest to write your tPF username on a piece of paper then just include that piece of paper to your bbags whenever you are to take pictures. Sometimes people can be very good with Photoshop and that watermark can be easily edited. If a piece of paper with your username is in the picture, there is no easy way to edit it, even with Photoshop.
  11. so sorry to hear about that! hope no one was sucked into buying by those friggin scammers! makes me sooooo angry!
  12. Oh I hate that!!

    Someone stole my Chloe Paddy pics once and it was soooo aggravating!!

    Thanks for the reminder :flowers:
  13. Oh, I'm definitely going to have to start doing this. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. That makes me mad, but I'm not surprised. I'll be sure to watermark or protect my pics in the future. Thanks for the heads up.
  15. Very good idea. I always wanted to watermark my pictures but didn't know how. But your idea is very useful. :tup: