Waterloo Outlet Anyone? :)

  1. Has anyone gone to the Waterloo, NY outlets recently? I was wondering what sorts of things they had right now. Some are saying there are lots of ergos, and some are saying that Waterloo actually carries a lot of signature.

    Does anyone know if they have any sig. stripe totes right now? I know for awhile they had the sig. stripe in khaki/punch.

    So can anyone help me? TIA:heart:
  2. Anyone?:shrugs:
  3. I didn't see and sig stripe totes. But they have tons of signautre.

    You could call them?
  4. Thanks, IHeartCoach....you've been a big help!
  5. I'll be going through there sunday- would you like me to stop in and take a peek for you?
  6. haha I just saw in your other thread you're going on sat. Maybe you should tell ME what they have! :lol:
  7. Awesome! Yes, I will do that! I'll make a mental note and post a thread of what they have tomorrow night! Oooo!! I can't wait to see what they have! I'm thinking either a sig. tote if they have one, and if they have nothing that's structured in sig, I'll get my first Coach leather bag...hehehe! :yahoo:
  8. Now you've got me excited too :smile:
  9. Babe, I went on Labor Day weekend and it was FUN!!! They had legacy, soho, hamptons, ergos...
  10. I know!!! I just got back and they had EVERYTHING!!!! Plus I LOVED all the wineries on the way:graucho:
  11. Oooh which did you stop at? I have a bunch of favorites along that lake :smile:
  12. It was called Miles Wine Cellars. The big white house that is supposed to be haunted. Their wine is sooo tasty. :yes:
  13. Miles is great! The people that do the tastings are so sweet!

    I went to the waterloo outlet today... wanted a bag for my mom and picked up this GORGEOUS teal satchel for myself. But I didn't buy them because....

    They hired me for Sat and Sun next week! hahaha. So they told me they had plenty of the bags I wanted and I should wait.
  14. Awesome!!!!^^^

    Yes, they were very sweet at Miles. Very down-to-earth and informative. LOVE Ghost and Wysteria!!!