Waterloo and Buffalo NY Outlets


Jul 5, 2007
I'm just wondering if anyone has been to the Waterloo and/or the Buffalo outlets recently? I am planning to visit the Buffalo outlet on the weekend and I might be able to make it out to the Waterloo one too. Does anyone know which outlet has a better collection of bags now? Will there be any good deals on the weekend?

Thanks so much! :heart:


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Nov 26, 2007
I'm also interested in knowing as I will also be going to the Coach outlet in Buffalo this weekend.

I hope they do have extra sales :tup:


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Jul 25, 2008
The Waterloo outlet is pretty small. They sometimes have good stuff, they sometimes don't. I heard something about an extra 10% off coupon being handed out this weekend (President's Day) for non-clearance items.


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Oct 13, 2008
I was there last week:

no zoes
(they had zoes for like several months bought a large black patent back then) but they are gone and the SA say that corporate told them that they could not sell them any more. The rumor on the board here is that they will be back at the outlets in August?
carly 50% off
signature stripe totes and satchals in black and gold 40% off
addison bags
penelope bags and accessories
new hampton in yellow and black and scribble pieces
some signature soho satchals
1 black patent peyton
2 chocolate haversacks
some resort totes the small ones
a few valentine print cosmetic cases
a few legacy cosmetic cases the roundish ones with brown trim
spring patchwork bags
a few amanda fold over clutches
a few hamptons oversized clutches in mineral
hamptons capacity wristlets in plum and brown
zoe capacity wristlets
shoes, sneakers, jackets
wallets were 50% off and they had the 50% section in the back corner as well

Seems like a lot of factory bags not a lot of transfers

I have been about 3 times over the last 2 weeks and have not been too impressed, considering the usually have a pretty great selection

Although I did buy a large black patent sabrina, a madison swingpack in espresso, a hamptons vintage wallet in espresso to match my lindsay and a large legacy planner, a plum hamptons capacity wristlet all 50% off. Just was there at the right time I guess.

The selection has been alot better.
If you go please report back with an update.
Feb 25, 2009
Ontario, Canada
Called the Buffalo/Niagara outlet today and they haven't gotten any transfers on bags recently. I was planning to do the drive cross-border today but it's so not worth it if there isn't anything promising there.