Waterfall Diamond Ring Opinions PLEASE!

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  1. Hi. I am looking to invest in this ring. Please tell me your thoughts of it. I love diamonds so I'd wear it casually as a middle ring finger on my right hand since it looks like costume jewelry! Any input would be greatly appreciated! I just cant decide if I want it or not :smile:

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  2. Anyone?? I just want opinions. Thanks
  3. I LOVE it! I'm a fan of big jewelry, especially rings.
    I actually really like it on your ring finger but it looks like it would also work on index or middle finger.
    I say go for it!
  4. Wow it's magnificent
  5. It looks nice on your ring finger. I think it would be fine on your other fingers too.
  6. Absolutely stunning!!
  7. I really like it for the middle finger. It's very unique and I like your watch.
  8. Thank you. I'm really having a hard time making this decision. I love big jewelry too but winder is its too dressy to wear casually?
  9. Thank you😊
  10. I'm going to have it resized to fit on my middle finger if I get it. Thank you😊
  11. Thank you!!☺
  12. Thank you!!! 😊
  13. Anyone have any big cocktail rings they want to share to inspire me and help with my decision?
  14. I'm a big fan of big jewelry. I love diamonds as well & I think the ring looks lovely on your hand. I think it would look stunning on your middle finger. If it makes you happy & is within your budget, get it & enjoy it.
  15. I don't think it's too dressy to wear casually. Then again I'll wear a full diamond necklace with jeans and a tee. I might not wear it everyday but sometimes I just love throwing on my big pieces and enjoying them ~ even if it is just to run some errands. Jewelry is meant to be enjoyed and if seeing that ring on your finger will make you smile then that's all that matters! Personally, I would wear that ring often, it is beautiful!