Watercolor...Trendy It bag or Staple??

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Is the Watercolor Speedy a staple bag?

  1. Yes!!!!!!!!!!

  2. No way....

  3. I don't like it so I dont' care....

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  1. As May 1st comes closer and closer, I am starting to rethink my potential purcahse of the speedy vvn watercolor... thinking... "hmm.. will this bag be a staple in my collection, or something that I will only wear for one season and be sick of?"
    I know it is hard to tell with out actually SEEING the bag in person yet, but I am not one to buy expensive bags every season (more like once a year) so if I buy one, I want to be able to use it forever....

    do you guys think the watercolor speedy will be one of those FOREVER bags or one of those "hot for now" bags? I can't tell... what do you think? :confused1:
  2. A thing of beauty is a joy forever...

  3. You are too cute!!!;)
  4. I have the exotic speedy and for me it is a staple of my collection. I adore Richard Prince and cannot imagine not having a bag from this coveted collection.
  5. I think it depends greatly on the consumer. For me it's trendy, and I like it ~ can not wait until I get mine ... however I don't think it'll a timeless bag, for one I'll eventually get old and be a Grandma and can't imagine me carrying the Aquarelle then ~ LOL! .... BUT, that's just my opinion!

  6. LOL.. good point about becoming a grandma. :roflmfao:
  7. I dont think it's a Staple.....more of a Trendy it bag
  8. I think it's trendy but the style (speedy) is a classic, so it's not as much of an "it" bag as other styles.
  9. I think the print is a bit trendy but the framed shape is definitely a timeless classic. With that combo, its really up to you whether you think you will be using it a year or two from now.
  10. i think it has a unique mix it is both bang on trend right now but also classic appeal
  11. I've had the exotic speedy for about a week now. Initially I thought it would be a special occasion bag for me. However, I've found myself reaching for it more often than I had expected. It's just so easy to carry, and it's a very good size. I would say it's on the trendy side. However, mine is the framed speedy, which gives it somewhat of a retro look. I have no idea if it will be a staple of my collection in a few years, but for now I'm glad I bought it.
  12. Ok. I am referring to the exotic speedy. I feel it is trendy till I saw Label Addicts modeling pixs...Now I think it is a classic IT bag and wish I have dug into my wallet to pay for this bag when my sa first showed it to me last month.

    As for the VVN...a tad more trendy but ALAS...it is a speedy so I've got to say it can be a staple ;)
  13. I think the print is trendy because it's exotic but it's not a staple.
    The speedy is definitely a staple. So it just might be considered as a only half-staple? :hrmm:
    Haha. I'm not a fan of the print but I am a fan of the speedy style.

    I think in order to truly judge if it's going to be a staple is if you're going to use it to the fullest. Afterall, not much sense in acquiring a bag that will sit in its sleeper in your closet, right? You can definitely make it a staple for yourself, so long as you love it, carry it (& ROCK it while you do!), and take care of it to last for years to come (or however long you'd want to hang onto it before your next LV love) :yes:
    Nevertheless, I think it's one of those bags that will turn heads & make people take a second (or third, or forth) look.
  14. I think it's trendy but I could be wrong.
  15. Thanks guys... it seems like you all have different feelings on it. I guess I will have to wait and see the bag IRL and decide what I think.

    I do agree that the speedy style is classic, but the pattern, might not be... Aaagh... now I"m thinking just get the neverfull in Mono since I was waiting for the damier version, but now i can't get that til next year... I keep going back and forth!!!! I wish May 1st would just come so I can stop agonizing and make a decision already! lol