Watercolor speedy or tropical turquoise alma?

Dec 11, 2006
Hi some of you may have seen my reveal of the tropical turquoise alma BB. It's not been used yet and still hiding in my closet waiting for spring haha. The colors are very unique on this bag, which is limited and according to my SAs, hard to get.

I have an opportunity to buy a nearly pristine watercolor speedy 30. I love this print and the 30 size is hard to come by as it wasn't sold in the US, especially in this condition. The price is about the same.

I can only get one bag. Which one would you get if you were me?

I'm petite 5'2" and have a toddler, so crossbody bags for me on weekends. Handheld bags are not used as often but I can wear them to work and if I meet friends without my daughter.

My current collection ex the above Alma BB:

Louis Vuitton:
Sofia Coppola PM bag in Blue Ocean
Mirage speedy in bordeaux
Empreinte Lumineuse in Infini
Empreinte Artsy in Iris
Electric epi Alma PM in amande
Vernis Alma PM in amarante
Epi petit noe in lilac (not used)
Epi jasmin in cassis (not used)
Manhattan PM (not used but my first LV and I do like the hardware)

Caviar jumbo classic shw in black
Lambskin jumbo classic ghw in black
So black chevron reissue 226
Caviar jumbo classic in blue roi
Pewter m/l in lace classic
Vintage small flap in oxblood
Caviar WOC in black
Caviar chevron WOC in bright blue

Town (I think) in Dark Night with giant rose gold hardware with a shortened crossbody strap

Evelyn in Blue Electric

Don't recall the name but it's a small evening bag with crystals in a dusty rose quilted design. Can be shoulder or clutch.

Other non branded exotic clutches
Couple Longchamp Le Pliage totes
Couple Rebecca Minkoff bags
Couple Coach bags with sentimental value
Probably others I forgot!
Dec 11, 2006
Even if I sell the bags I don't use, it won't generate $2k. Plus I feel like my husband might think it should just go deflect the first bag lol because we have a ton of house projects coming up :/


Jan 2, 2014
I would go for the speedy!! The watercolor was my favorite LE speedy of all time and speedy in excellent conditions are hard to come by!!! If you are worry about the speedy been handheld you can always attach a strap on the bag. In my opinion I believe the alma would be harder to match clothes.
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Mar 5, 2006
I would choose the alma bb. I think it works for your lifestyle better. I'm not a huge speedy fan (although this one is very pretty). I love the tropical print (obviously)!!!!
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May 19, 2015
Speedy. The Alma color and print just doesn't reflect how much it costs. Looks like you could get something similar very inexpensively (imo).


Mar 26, 2015
*i* would pick the WC, but based on how you described your personal use of the item (and your height), i'd say the alma bb