Watercolor Speedy or Trevi GM/PM?

  1. I really like both of these bags but can only buy ONE this year - GRRRRRRRRRRR!! What should I do?? Maybe the Watercolor since it is LE? The Damier can be worn all year, though. I currenlty ONLY have Mono!!
  2. i'm going to go with the "LE first, permanent later" mentality. you should waitlist ASAP for watercolor though :smile:
  3. watercolor!
  4. I'd pick whichever one you think you'd use more since you can only buy one this year. If you want timeless ~ I'd pick the Trevi!
  5. Buy water colour first. When you think you have gotten tired of it, sell it and buy Trevi.
  6. The watercolor is really pretty (saw it in personal at the trunk show) and it is an LE, however it is a warm weather bag vs the Trevi (which may or may not be a permanent style...as per the SA this weekend) which is a year round bag.
    If I could only have one, I would go with the Trevi
  7. Get the watercolor speedy first --- it is a really gorgeous LE bag IRL, then the Trevi at a later time. Both bags are great, but I would get the LE bag first since this is a "one-shot" deal. Good luck with your decision!!!
  8. I'd at least WL for the watercolour, if you don't like it in person, you can get the trevi then ! :yes: