Watercolor Speedy or Rivete in white???

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  1. I'm planning to buy a white bag for summer. I only like the Watercolor Speedy and the Rivete in white. I would love to get both, but I can only afford to buy one for now. What is your opinion on the two bags? Which one do you think I should get first?
    I just can't make up my mind....:confused1: I love them both so much :heart:

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  2. If you can find it, I would get the Riveted! I really like that bag. It has a funky look and it's made of leather.
    What about the Mahina?
  3. I love the Watercolor Speedy
  4. watercolor speedy!
  5. I like the Rivete! As *bunny*LV* said, "It has a funky look and it's made of leather."
  6. [​IMG] for sure !
  7. Wow, no comparison! The Rivete!!!
  8. [​IMG]
  9. watercolour speedy any and everyday! it's the perfect summer bag.. but is it still available? wow, it's got sold out here forever ago!
  10. Rivete! So exclusive..... :heart:
  11. The Rivete will go with much more & as stated above it's leather - if you can find it, grab it!
  12. I like the design of the Rivete just not sure about all those studs? I think I prefer it to the white w/c though....
  13. The Riveting is heavy to carry but you might be able to carry it over your shoulder, which you can't do with the speedy. The lambskin is also prone to scratching and is more fragile. If you can live with all that, go with the Riveting.
  14. I prefer the look of the wc speedy, it's like art and you could stare at it for hours. My all time favorite white bag however is the perle vernis bedford, don't have one but dream of it!
  15. WC speedy!!!! :tup: