Watercolor Speedy -Is it too late to be waitlisted

  1. I am LOVING the Watercolor Speedy! Is it too late for me to get on the waitlist? Also, I can't seem to find if the 30 is being made....is anyone sure?
  2. you should WL asap. if you are 100% sure you're getting it, ask them to charge your card upon arrival. this bumps you up the WL since LV can guarantee the sale.

    as of now the 30 is showing up in lookbooks, but no price yet.
  3. I heard the 30 will only be released in some countries and Hawaii.
  4. I WL'd 2 or 3 weeks ago and am only 2nd on the list, so there is likely time, depending on the market. I totally agree with giving your cc number to guarantee. If they call and can't reach you, they keep going down the list until they make the sale.

    My SA says the 30 is only available in exotic and the traditional Speedy vvn is only in the 35 - however, there are many conflicting reports, so I'm anxious to get the real skinny.

    I've always wanted a 35, but couldn't justify another speedy just for 2"... now's my chance. HA!
  5. :love:I was told by the SA it was £1250. I was really considering putting my name in for it but its soo out of my budget!!!:cry:
  6. Fluffy think that is the price of the exotic ...isn't the pound almost 2 1/2x that of the US dollar
    We were told at the trunk show the US in only getting the 35 and the SA thought it would be around 1200 for the non exotic versions. Release date of that version May 1..
  7. mmm. i'm not sure now. I've asked the sa how much is the water colour speedy 35 (thinking of bunnynole avatar) and she gave me that. I didn't realise there were such thing as exotic and non exotic. Do you have any pictures?:confused1: Wow i'm really confuse now lol:shrugs:
  8. Here's a picture of the regular vachetta one vs the exotic one :flowers:.
    watercolor.jpg waterexotic.jpg
  9. Thanks speyta The exotic ones beautiful too.
    If the sa wrong i will have a problem choosing between the non exotic speedy or azur neverfull.
  10. I put my name on the list today and my SA told me she'd call me as soon as they came in but she didn't even know for sure that they'd get them. Best to get your name on the list asap if you're really interested.

  11. I decided to call customer service again to clarify the price. They gave me the same price again. So i decided to speak to another and she said the previous prices is for the exotic and not the nonexotic!!! £1600 for the framed exotic speedy. So there is no price for the non exotic yet. Thanks for leting me know or i would be non the wiser.
  12. Isn't the non-exotic $1185? I coulda sworn I read this in another thread here.
  13. as of now the vvn 35 is at $1185. but who knows what it'll be when may rolls around. hoping it won't increase at all.
  14. never too late..:tup:
  15. The exotic speedy will be limited, wait list if you want one. As for the VVN version, I believe it will be a seasonal collection, hence the VVN versions will be around for approx. 3 months....so no rush there to wait list. :smile: