watercolor speedy 35 or trevi gm???

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  1. Hi guys!! what to ask your opinion?? should i get a wc speedy 35 in brown or a trevi gm? both pre owned in very good condition.. which one gets your vote.Thanks :biggrin:
  2. I prefer the WC speedy in white so I'd go for Trevi. Actually, even if it was a choice between white WC and Trevi, I'd still pick Trevi =p
  3. Trevi!
  4. trevi! it has more versatility than the brwn WC
  5. I prefer white WC, so I'd choose Trevi!
  6. Watercolor - I love it in brown!
  7. ITA :tup:
  8. trevi... true classic.
  9. Trevi
  10. WC speedy for sure... You can always get a trevi
  11. trevi!!! super versatile, you can use handheld or over the shoulder. it's fantastic looking. also i'm not a huge fan of the brown wc speedy, i prefer white (very summery and cheerful)..
  12. Trevi! Plus, if the watercolor wasn't LE, it's just a speedy, and when you think of it like that the Trevi is a better bag (hope that makes sense!)
  13. Trevi!!!
  14. Wc.
  15. Trevi