Watercolor pics

  1. Finally pics of me and my small watercolor hampton tote
    IMG_0527.jpg IMG_0528.jpg
  2. i have the larger one

    here is my pic of it

    sorry its soo big!
  3. oh cool i love the bag on you!
  4. It looks so pretty on you-
  5. thank i think that the bigger is better for me since i am 5'8"ish.

    but i like the smaller one on you!!

    just becareful if you have white on the bottom
    i have a big black spot on mine now that i cannot get out. i've tried everything except a tide to go pen!!
  6. i would try a tide to go pen
  7. i think that is what i am going to do as soon as i get my hands on one.
    i am having the hardest time finding one, or maybe i am just looking in the wrong department.
  8. they have them at safeway and i think CVS
  9. one of the only places i have not looked cvs. i dont think we have safeways in Georgia, but i remember going to them when i was little and would visit my grandmother in colorado!
  10. i have family in georgia!
  11. aw yay!!
    i love it here!
    born and raised!

    what part are they in?
  12. I LOVE the watercolor pattern. Great bags!!
  13. they live in atlanta! What about you??
  14. i live outside atlanta (College Park) about 15-20 mins. southwest
    but i have relocated to Carrollton ga (its on the border to alabama)for the last 5 years for college
  15. Those bags are so pretty on both of you :tup:. I love the Watercolors :heart: