Watercolor Exotic - Story, new pictures, close ups and modeling!


May 7, 2006
Long Island, NY
I have never gone through so much EVER to get a bag. First I waitlisted...Then waited very impatiently....Then I never got a call....Then was told I would not get one...So I resorted to buying over retail price on ebay....Then I had to pay by echeck on paypal which took way too many days to clear! Then FINALLY today the bag was to be delivered and I missed the delivery by 5 minutes! I called UPS and scheduled to pick up the bag between 7:30 and 9:00 pm.....I get to UPS at 7:35 and THEY CAN'T FIND THE BAG!!!! They said there was a new, substitute driver and did not know where he put my package!!! I went home very upset and went back with my husband. Somehow after carrying on with them for an hour, we got someone to search the warehouse and they found it! It was truly unbelievable....

So I have to say, even after all of that, it was worth it. This bag is to die for (and feel like I almost did with all of this stress!) and I can't even believe how beautiful it is in real life....

I'm posting pictures that I would have loved to have seen during the past few weeks of waiting....I hope you all enjoy.....



Jun 6, 2007
Congrautlations on your gorgeous exotic watercolour speedy!! It's simply breath taking. I'm also sorry to hear about the ordeal that you had to go through to acquire the bag. Here's hoping that the joy you'll get when carrying the speedy will make up for all of the drama you experienced in trying to acquire it.
Sep 24, 2006
The Golden State
Wow, you had to go through major hoops to get this much-coveted bag! So glad you have it in your hands. Thanks for sharing pics --- you look terrific with your gorgeous bag!! This was worth all the hassle!


Searching For the HG
Mar 26, 2008
How did they get their hands on a Watercolor Exotic Speedy?

Wasn't it coming out in May? Or is this just another way to give LV lovers a small stroke?