Watercolor Copied Already!!

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  1. OMG, I just was googling for pics of the watercolor papillon and an replica site came up and they are selling fake Watercolor Papillons for $255. :tdown:

    I can't believe the copiers have it replicated so soon. It really stinks.
  2. eww...
  3. :tdown::sad:
  4. wow, they certainly are quick, aren't they!
  5. likewise... :cursing:
  6. whats it look like?
  7. Why am I not surprised? Yuck, I can only imagine how badly they butchered the print :sick:.
  8. :tdown:
  9. [​IMG]
    I was curious so I did a similar search and this is what came up from this website
    please do not link to counterfeits, we don't like to offer them free advertising:nogood:
  10. Yup there is a fake watercolour speedy on iOffer... Looks like they've done a better job of faking these than the other RP bags - the fake jokes look terrible.
  11. ^^ might want to take that website off =)
  12. the fakes are out before the bags are even in the stores. :mad:
  13. I think a lot of the time these fakers will use pictures of real LV bags but the fakes don't look anything like them.
  15. I know.. it's crazy!