Watercolor collection

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  1. I think I like this collection. Does anyone have any items from it and what bags were available? Thanks
  2. You are probably going to have to be more specific, can you find some pictures or examples in an auction or online somewhere of what you are looking for/at? :smile:
  3. I think the OP is speaking of that summer collection from maybe 5 years ago...canvas bags/totes done in a muticolor stripe. I don't want to take a pic from ebay, but you can do a search.
  4. I found them, but some items have stripes and some have C's, I just wondered if anyone had any of these bags with those prints.
  5. I *think* the bags with Cs were Scribble, not Watercolor Stripe. (EDIT: Whoopsie, there was a Watercolor with the Cs...not sure what it was called though...image just popped into my brain haha)

    From poking around, it seems there were a few sizes of totes, a cosmetic case, a ponytail scarf, a demi satchel, and probably wristlet(s) and maybe a top handle pouch?
  6. i have a hobo from this line, it was my first Coach
  7. Some lines were called multicolored stripe or something like that. The ones that were bright tanked. The other water color line that is more pastel did not do well either.
  8. The watercolor I've seen has been very dirty. This may be caused from the color and type of material, or just the fact that it is an older print. In any case, since there probably won't be a lot of NWT options on these, I just wanted to warn you to be VERY careful when purchasing on ebay and ask for lots of pictures in natural light. I'd hate to see you get a dingy bag.

    Good luck!
  9. Can someone post a photo of these bags? I have no idea what the Water Color line looked like.
  10. DUH! Nevermind, I just ebayed them and now I know what they look like. Yeah, all of the ones I've seen are really grungy.
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    I believe this is what the OP is referring to


    I had a Hamptons summer patchwork tote that was similarly made...you really had to be careful with it. My sister has this bag and got it from TJ Maxx about 15 months ago for only $60!!! Due to the material and its ability to retain dirt for lack of a better word, I really would not pay more than $90 for it. And only buy NWT but it is a great summer bag!