Watercolor/Aquarelle, March or May release?

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  1. I am getting conflicting information as to when these pieces are going to be released. I called 1866 twice and was given March as the release month but when I went to an LV boutique, the lookbook says May. Any definitive news? TNX.
  2. it's both exotics are march the vvn (vachetta) versions are may so it depends which piece you're interested in
  3. I asked 1866 both times and they said that the exotic and vachette styles would be released in March.
  4. I just got back from the trunk show at Saks LV and I saw both the exotic and the vvn --- OMG! The exotic version is absolutely fabulous!!! Those of you who are getting this will be sooo happy! I wouldn't be able to use the exotic bag on a daily basis so I am getting the vvn for sure, which will be released only as a size 35 here in the U.S. The exotic watercolors will be released in March while the vachetta (vvn) will be released in May.

    For those of you who are interested: the lining on the exotic is heavenly suede while the lining on the speedy is atually a nice textile lining. I'll see them both again later at Bloomies trunk show. LOL
  5. Thanks for the report! I am getting the vvn and can't wait! I am happy to hear it has a nice lining, maybe similar to the dentelle speedy? Did you notice any pockets? Patch or sewn into one side of the bag?


  6. You're welcome, gwen10 --- yes, the vvn 35 has a flat pocket inside, similar to the ones we see in the regular Speedy. I'll check it again to see the pocket, but I believe it is sewn into one side of the bag. I'm going to another trunk show tonight, this time at Bloomingdale's, so I will check it out some more. I LOVE the color scheme of the watercolor. The handles would have been so much better if it were patent leather instead of vachetta, but the bag itself is still gorgeous.
  7. oooooooh, white patent leather handles would be so hot!!!
  8. The sample I saw at the soho store had no pockets at all, and also whiteish lining almost like the fabric of the mono pseedy, but in the off white tones.
    SA was not sure if that woud be the lining they used and thought they would proably add a pocket or 2
  9. so the speedy will have a regular lining? that's a little disappointing. but i guess with the price point i can't complain.

  10. Yes, the lining on the watercolor speedy is white textile/cloth-like. It actually was a refreshing change, at least for me, although I did think that I would have to really be careful of not messing up the white lining!

    My SA said that the watercolor speedy will not be shipped in a "flattened state" as is the case of the regular Speedies, so there will be no creases to worry about.
  11. ahh ok. i trust your judgment, PurseNut :smile: and yay for no creases. actually come to think of it, my mirage wasn't a flat speedy either.
  12. The beauty of the outside of the watercolor bag supersedes the lining issue, I think. It's one of those things one has to accept for a relatively "cheap" LE bag. LOL
  13. Thanks for the reports gals. I'm glad to hear that the VVN version will have a a nice textile lining and not just be like a normal speedy!
  14. Yes, I'm also glad that the inside lining differs from the regular speedy. Makes it a more unique bag, I think.:yes:
  15. Any spy pictures?