watercolor and scribble...new pattern??

  1. anyone have any information about this new mystery print that keeps popping up? someone got sandals and there was a bag on eBay but we couldnt tell if it was real. please post pics and style nos. if you have them. i really like it!!:jammin:
  2. item number is 11755
    it is 198
    CS @ JAX said it was "stripes"
  3. i would like to see it but when i type the style # in the search box it doesnt come up. am i doing something wrong?
  4. The new styles aren't showing up in the drilldown yet, unfortunately.
  5. You would have to put the style number into the drilldown, not the search box. However, the style number 11755 isn't showing up in the drilldown yet.:yes:
  6. ooo ok thanks guys. whats the drilldown? sry im new. ive never shopped online at coach i always find what i want in the store.
  7. Thank you so much for the help northernbelle33! i would have never figured that out on my own.
  8. Is the posted style number for the shoes or the bag? I was told the stores don't have a style number yet for the bag because it's not available to order. I do know someone ordered the perfume print shoes from the drilldown number and got this "stripes" shoe instead.
  9. Is this the print that looks like tie dye?
  10. I bought "Scribble" tennis shoes, but they are now called perfume print for this season.
  11. That is the style number for the bag. There is one on eBay right now :biggrin: