water stains on vachetta

  1. I have sprayed a few of my bags with leather protectant ( I won't say which one because I don't want to re-start the whole debate :graucho: ). I have some new mono bags as well that I have purchased and haven't used yet and I'm trying to decide whether I need to spray them or not. On one hand, I am kind of worried about putting all those harsh chemicals on the bags that I'll be touching and handling. On the other hand, I dont' like water stains. I wanted to know your experiences about water stains on the vachetta. Have you gotten them on your non-sprayed items? Does spraying guarantee no water stains? Will I envitably get water stains if I don't spray or I'll be ok? Please help me decide.:sweatdrop:
  2. well I know appleguarde is MEANT for leather (unlike another one I know of) so does it have harsh chemicals?
  3. Also my school/knock around messenger has vachetta and it's gotten caught in some rain and snow a few times and when I get back inside it always dries w/o any spots within 10-15 mins I dont understand how other people's dont seem to dry or whatnot.
  4. They all have harsh chemicals.
  5. That's good news. :wlae: I'm hoping I can avoid these sprays.
  6. Yea all my vachetta always dries but its usally DROPS of rain and thats it, if something spills on them ur outta luck because I belove the more there is and the deeper is soak into the vachetta the more chance it wont dry, I do belive it truly helps to have appleguarde or something on because it ususally creates a thin coat to repel water or what not.
  7. I prefer to keep things natural!
  8. I'm definitely NOT worried about using Apple Garde on my vachetta bags...they're meant for the leather, so I don't really think a product that's meant to protect the leather will ruin the leather...I've DRENCHED my bags with that stuff and my bags are still great right now.
    After spraying with Apple Garde, I got water all over my bag (because I was cleaning the canvas) and at first I thought oh my gosh I just ruined the vachetta, but after it dried, there were not water spots whatsoever!
    And even after I dreched my bag with Apple Garde (that seems to be always the case now, I over spray because the vachetta doesn't darken until it has absorbed the liquid), it may seem like that the vachetta is ruined, but it always turns out fine.
    I've carried my Recital in the rain with Apple Garde protecting the vachetta and the strap is still one uniform colour!
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    Check out this link xxthat I found online.
  10. I haven't sprayed mine with anything and it seems fine. I've got caught out in the rain with it a couple of times, and at first it left little water spots, but they vanished within a couple of hours. I think if I had a big spill on it though (say a glass of water) that might be a different story!
  11. Good morning,

    I got stuck in the rain on my new LV MC (white) Alma's first day out with me. :sweatdrop:

    I wound up with some water spots. Does anyone have ideas or suggestions for blending them in a bit?

    Thank you for your wisdom!
  12. I wouldn't do anything, they will just blend in and you will forget all about them. I know you are probably freaked out right now (as I was) but don't worry, they will blend soon.
  13. If it's not heavy rain it will not take long to blend. Water spots from splashes and such can take quite a while, especially on new bags.
  14. I stick my bag under my shirt when it rains- I'm serious!
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  15. do nothing, once they dry you should be fine. If not, once your bag start to patina you wont even notice.