Water stains on my new black Dahlia

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  1. :sad::wtf:
    Yes, I wore my new black dahlia mousse today and while washing my hands, I accidently splashed water onto my scarf (and left boob). Ok, too much information-- but I not only looked like I had lactated, but my new scarf now has a faint (but painfully noticable to me) water spot on the white border.
    What can I do?
  2. do you have a picture of that scarf--i have never seen it??? i would call hermes and ask if they have a suggestion. what i do with my scarves is extremely frightening bbut usually works..........i re-wet it with cotton balls blending it into the colored part.....then blow dry on cold
  3. ^^thanks for the tip. I'm at work but will try that when I get home.
  4. rc, i wash all my scarves, mousselines too, in ivory baby wash or dreft, in cool water, rinse, let them air dry on their own, then press thru a 100% pima cotton white cloth.
  5. angie's got some good advice. I wash my scarves (incl. mousselines) and follow the same steps. The solution to getting rid of the water marks is to wash your scarf - just dunk it right in. Those marks should disappear when it dries, with or without having used a mild detergent.
  6. Oh angie and gina, I am so relieved! Thanks for the info!
  7. RC, it's normal for mousses to get water stains, and they are not permanent (IF the water is clean).

    There are two ways, either wet the entire scarf and dry as instructed above, or you can also spot dry. The way to do that is first rewet the area then dry very quickly either with a hair dryer or an iron. Water stains only seem to develop when air-dried over time.
  8. Wonderful! I will try the spot dry method first!
  9. Glad you got some good advice :heart:
  10. rc update please!
    or are you still contemplating, and yes,
    i do believe we all share the same definite gene mutation!
  11. Worked like a charm!! No sign of the water spot! Yay!!!
  12. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: