Water Stains!! HELP!!!

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  1. I just spilled some drinking water onto the vachetta of my reporter bag!! Help! How do I get it out? Does it ruin the bag in any way? I searched the FAQ pages but couldn't find any helpful hints! Help please! Im scared the water stains ruins the "elegance" of the bag and its a bit ugly now if you look closely you'll notice it. :crybaby:
  2. First of all---- I'm very sorry to hear this!!!

    the bag was untreated?

    I would wait for more tPF'ers to respond, but I think it's stained? for good? if it wasn't treated?

    You can call your local boutique and ask for a replacement cost for the vachetta---if you love the bag that much.........................sorry again....
  3. Sorry to hear but have you let the vachette dry completely. It might be ok. My first bag wasn't treated and I got some water on it but once it dried out, it was fine. Then later I went and bought a leather protectant.
  4. Dont worry yet, it MAY dry up, its happened before to me!
  5. let it dry up first and then see. nothing you can do but wait i think and then see. i've done that before and nothing stained. but now i use leather protectant.
  6. just let it dry up and see. i got caught in the rain with my BV, and thank God it dried up with no marks at all
  7. Don't worry, if it stains it'll blend in with the patina as it ages :yes: .
  8. let it dry naturally. in time it will blend in as the vachetta gets its patina
  9. Check the Louis Vuitton Reference Thread, if you do a search in there you will find many threads about this and some tips too. Thanks!
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