Water-stained Calfskin: Can I Clean It ??

  1. I recently brought a calfskin bag to an amusement park (yes, i know, not the best idea) and when I went on a water ride it got splashed and now there are droplet stains. Will leather cleaner or moisturizer help? I wouldn't mind if the bag got a little darker if it looked more even. It is a light tan color BTW.
  2. This happened to my new Lanvin calf bag. It's a med. brown. I had a water bottle in my hand and splashed a few drops on it. I got home and quickly put some apple garde conditioner on the whole top half of the bag and the spots went away. Conditioning did make the bag very slightly darker, but you can barely tell.

    I went ahead and conditioned the whole bag and sprayed it to avoid spots in the future.

    Give that a shot. I hope it helps you.
  3. There was a thread suggesting to gently roll/stretch the leather where the spot is.. wait let me look.. Gosh I can't find it, sorry! I remember it was about a spot on a Chloe Edith, PF member Roey suggested it and it worked! HTH!
  4. Minicoop, I was looking for that thread too - it seemed to work for the PFer that had a waterspot on her Chloe Edith.

    Good luck!