Water stain on Brown nappa patch Miu Miu!!

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  1. I haven't been on here in a while! Hello!

    Well, disaster of all disasters happened today when I was out. The toilet in my condo overflowed and water not only ruined my brand new wood floors but my favorite Miu Miu bag which was on the floor in my closet.

    I'm so upset!
    What can I do? It seems like a giant watermark is left after attempting to dry it out.

    I know there is a highly recommended bag cleaner you ladies use, would you mind giving me the info and will they be able to treat a water stain??

    Let me know!
  2. Can we see a picture of how it looks like?
  3. This has happened to a leather jacket of mine and here are the steps I took.

    First of all, make sure you stuff your bag with soft tissue and keep it away from direct heat/sunlight.

    DO NOT put any cleaner or conditioner on your bag. That would make the water mark even more visible.

    I know it's heart-breaking but you'll need to leave your bag alone for the next few days. Let it dry naturally first before you take the next step.

    Do not constantly dab at your bag. If you don't have soft tissue paper, stuff your bag with soft towels.

    I'm also sending you lots of hugs! I know this is very upsetting.
  4. Oh dear try not to worry. See how it looks when it dries and if you are not happy perhaps you could take it to Miu Miu to be sent for professional cleaning. They have a great aftercare service.