Water Stain: Mulberry Bayswater - Oak

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  1. Hello!

    I'm new to the forum but i recently bought a Mulberry Bayswater in Oak and treated the outside with the water repellant they suggested in Harvey Nicks.:yes:

    Unfortunatly :tdown: i was carrying a bottle of water in my bag and the cap came lose and spilt inside and it seaped through to the outside. The inside hasn't stained :roflmfao:but the outside has? :sad:

    Is there anything i can do to remove the stain? I'm GUTTED!! :cursing:

    Thanks! :angel:
  2. ok, A sales assistant in selfridges showed me a technique to try to get rid of water marks- or at least make it less noticeable. Grab the 'affected' leather between your fingers and bend it and squeeze it- apparently it helps disperse the water or bring it to the surface. Hope it helps- I've never tried it myself -let us know if it works!
    also you could give Mulberry a ring to see if they can help!
  3. oh crikey what an absolutely awful thing to happen, I do feel for you. I think flyvetjo's advice about calling Mulberry is a good idea, I'd get onto that asap.

    if the water has come from the inside out, that's about as deep as a stain can get and big water stains on oak bags are a bit terminal.

    Bending the leather will make the stain disperse, but although you might lighten it, you'll increase the size of the stain. I got a few water marks on my Rosemary (on the dangly flap where I had sprayed one side and not the other) but I've scratched them off. You can still see them very faintly but they're so much better than the day it happened.

    Also oak will darken over time and the stains might not look so bad? And if they're on the bottom that's better than being at the front or side?

    Good luck with this.
  4. I've got an oak Blenheim which inadvertantly 'sat' in a puddle of water (kids getting out of bath - don't ask). I had previously sprayed very liberally with colonil and the stain didn't mark although I initially thought my bag was doomed. If your bag is still wet/damp it is difficult to know what to do, whether to leave or do something practical. If it is damaged permanently, could you make a claim from your house insurance or something. I wouldn't have done so with the Blenheim as I would have just put it down to bad luck, but with a bag as expensive as the Bays, I would.
    Hope you get it sorted, what rotten luck:cursing:
  5. I would drench the entire bag so at least it would all be the same. I did this to an oak coloured bag(not mulberry) before...had no choice because child spilled water on it and there was a massive stain. Good result but get advice from someone else first. I do have an oak bays and it got rainstained,Jo's advice re squeezing the bag worked but raindroplets were tiny and easily dispersed.
  6. Hey, Well....i emailed Mulberry and they gave me an address to post the bag to which i have done (rec del of course) - i have not heard if they are able to fix it but Mulberry said it was free of charge anyway so.... i'll keep you posted?!? :smile:
  7. Good luck with that ... let us know what Mulberry say/do .... we all live in fear of a massive water stain.
  8. my elgin was water marked an i had covered it with the proper spray and it still marked. I sent it back to them and they sent me a new one. Job done. i then saw the bag for sale on ebay.
  9. Eviemarie,

    Can you give me more detail about when this happened to your Elgin? I got a call from Mulberry today saying they could not do anything about it and would send my bag back? So for the time being i'm stuck with the stained bag - i still can't believe it - TAP water too!? AND it had been treated as they directed with the collenill or whatever spray??

    Thanks guys!! :smile:
  10. Mulberry said there is nothing they can do about the stain - how long ago did they replace your elgin?

    I've only had the Bayswater since November :sad:
  11. I live in NYC and have an oak bag (not a bayswater). Well, first time I wore it, it rained and the bag was ruined (yes, from RAIN!). Mulberry took it bag ( I had to ship it to London) and tried to repair it. It looks slightly less noticable now but still you can see it. And everytime it rains or I drop water on it, the bag gets more stains. It's just the nature of the leather I'm afraid.

    That is why I have never bought that color since!

    I love Mulberry bags though and would definitely buy more, but probably darker colors.
    I actually went to fashion college with Stuart Vevers (the creative director for Mulberry)....so funny to see him in Vogue all the time! He's changed so much!