Water spotting

  1. So this is kind of a dumb question, but mj bags will water spot right? Some of my lighter color coaches did when it got some rain on it. I was going to take my sophia out for the first time today and i opened the door and it was raining. Is there anything I can do to minimize water spots? Thanks!
  2. ^^ What color is it?

    I've carried my washed rose stella in rain, snow .. and today, hail! .. no spots on her... but maybe it depends on the color?
  3. My sophia is sage and my blake is peacock blue. I'm so living in the wrong state to avoid water spots (WA).
  4. Have you considered using a leather protectant? I've heard that Wilson's Leather and Apple Guard make good ones.
  5. ^i'll check that out. thanks!
  6. I've worn my emerald blake in the rain and had no water spots, but then I got nervous and treated it right after with Apple Guard just to be sure it would never happen! :yes:
  7. i really think it's only the smooth calf skin and a few random light colors that show the waterspots.
  8. hey, i just got a cashew quilted hobo, do you think it'll have water spots??

    Also has anyone ever bought from maerim on eBay??
  9. Kinda of an update. I took my sophia out in the rain today and it didn't spot. In fact the water seemed to just roll off. yay!
  10. I took my Mouse Stam Hobo to Vancouver for
  11. I took my Mouse Stam Hobo to Vancouver for 2 weeks in Nov. and it has been pour with rain and snow but the leather still looks new (pic in other thread)...i never use protection on any of my bags....