Water spots on vachetta....

  1. Is it impossible to remove? The vachetta is a very light patina right now ( 1 out of 10), so over time it should be unnoticeable, correct? Yet I hear that bags completely drenched in the rain are fine when they dry.
  2. I've found that sometimes rain splots just fade away, but sometimes they're there. But yeah, the patina will make everything blend in, it just takes time and patience ! :smile:
  3. Thanks Ayla !
  4. No problem ! :amuse:
  5. I bought a LV Mono belt last October and the inner side is lined with vachetta (at least I think it's vachetta) and I have to say: sorry I hate it, because it's so delicate...now after a few months of heavy usage the vachetta doesn't look good at all.
  6. I have one small water spot on the handle of my mc trouville. It happened when the bag was new. Now, the patina has started to develop and you almost can't tell there was a water spot! I figure maybe another couple weeks and it's all gone!!!
  7. I got caught in the rain with my white MC Alma two years ago and the water spots are still all over vachetta.:shocked: Mind you, I don't use it that often for the bag to develop patina that fast. But, yes, eventually the spots will blend in.:smile:
  8. Yes, it is impossible to remove.
    If you get a couple of scattered drops of water on the vachetta, they won't look too noticeable once they dry off. However, "completely drenched in rain" is another story altogether - there will be permanent noticeable marks. And those marks won't be fully-camouflaged until the patina reaches a much later stage (eg, well past the honey-coloured stage).
  9. I wasa thinking on it, today at the bus started to fall water drops from the window and made a stain on my wapity, not in the strap, in the little thing that surrounds the case, so I started to clean it with a tissue and with my trouser hehe and it went away.

    anyway I ALWAYS carry plastic bags inside my handbags, so if it rains I save them from the rain, I would hate my bags to get permanetly stained. It´s a tip I was about to tell you but I forgot it. Today rained so a tower records plastic bag was really useful so I dont have to worry about the clutch.