Water spots on poor Mandy!!!

  1. DH and I went out for Chinese at lunch. When the waitress was filing my glass with water, she got some on my whiskey Mandy that was sitting in one of the empty chairs! That was over 4 hours ago and they are still there! So is it safe for me to assume that they are there for good? I wonder if they will fade in time. I'm probably the only one that will ever notice this…but geez! I've only had this bag for like 2 weeks!
  2. Maybe it will fade in time . . .

    :lecture:I use Apple Conditioner to protect my leather before I use them . . . Ironically, while in my purse closet, I came across a jar of Brahmin Leather Protectant, which states: This leather protector is designed to protect not only Brahmin bags, but also all leathers from water spotting, grease spotting, soiling, scuffing, discoloration, and dirt buildup. It is not recommended for suede because it will seal the nap. Apply . . . . . But IF Coach says do nothing, don't do anything.
  3. I got water spots on my baby too. They are starting to blend in.
  4. I got a small waterspot on my whiskey as well. One and a half months later it's still there although not as noticeable because my whiskey is getting darker.
  5. My Whiskey Mandy was dark to begin with, then one day I was caught in the rain. When I went inside I noticed that it was wet in some areas and I didn't want it to spot. So when I went back outside, I let it get wet intentionally. When it dried, it dried evenly. Also, when it's raining I try to carry my bags with the front next to my body, so only the back gets wet.
  6. It is for this reason that I purchased the Black Mandy.
    When it rains there are not water spots at all. The bag water seems to bead off of the bag and is not absorbed at all.
  7. SO glad to hear this!! :tup: That is a big reason why I bought black, but haven't used her yet!! :yahoo:
  8. This is also true about the white Legacy Leather and the black legacy leather, the water just beads off of the bag and there are no water spots left at all. The white Legacy and black Legacy Leather have a protective Finish on them which does not allow water spots to remain on the bag. I had a Natural Mandy but returned her once a forum member told me she got water spots on hers. The Legacy citron color also has a finish on it so it will not be damaged in the rain at all. I just ordered the Brahmin Leather protectant that Entheos mentioned in this thread and will
    let you guys know how it works out.
  9. My whiskey shoulder got some water stains on it from rain and they eventually do fade out with time!
  10. I've been thinking about this . . . it is okay for leather to get wet, as long as it's allowed to dry out naturally . . . I am wondering, if you take a clean damp towel and wipe all the leather it will help even out the water spots and patina?
  11. That is what my Coach SA told me to do with my whiskey Ali. I didn't do it but now the water spots are beginning to blend. Honestly I do think it would work.
  12. I know it is going to sound kind of odd.. but I really like a few scratches and water spots..
    it gives the bag a little character.. and makes it look antique-ish.. (if that's even a word).