Water Spots On My Silverado :-(

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  1. OK, so this morning I got a few little water spots on my Silverado, and because of the porous calfskin leather that it's made out of, it absorbed immediately and left dark marks on it. :sad:

    It doesn't look terrible, because the leather is distressed anyway; but how can I prevent this from happening again? Has anyone treated their Chloe Silverado with any type of leather protectant?

    (The following pic was taken before "the accident")

  2. Mmmm, you know google "water spots on leather" or "cleaning leather" I distinctly remember reading something on using cornstarch or some other powder to remove the spots. I can't remember exactly what it is, but it is something innocuous so it won't damage the leather. Good Luck!
  3. thanks... i've been searching a few sites.

    i'd really like to know if there's some type of recommended protectant for the bag as well... if anyone has treated theirs, please let me know! thanks!
  4. Hmmm...

    Before experimenting, I'd try contacting someone at Chloe to see what they recommend for their leather. Here's the contact information for the New York Store:

    850 Madison Avenue, New York City
    NY 10021
    Ready to wear & Accessories

    [​IMG]Monday to Saturday
    10:00 am - 06:00 pm​

    001 212 717 8220

  5. good idea! :idea:
  6. Mulberry recommends Collonil Waterstop spray for their Darwin leather bags....it provides good protection from water spots, etc.

    I got mine from Footwearetc.com.

    The can says that it is for all kinds of leather...even suede. I used it on my Coach pathwork book tote that that has fabric, suede and smooth leather on it. It didn't change it a bit.

    I'm sorry you got a spot... I hope that as it dries it will fade.:sad:
  7. Sorry to hear about this!

    I happend to get a little bit of salad dressing (an oil based one) on my Gucci leather Horsebit Hobo bag. With a bit of time, the spot faded right in and you couldn't even see it was there. My mom, who seems to know so much about cleaning!, told me that really great leather usually lets water spots etc just kind of seep in and fade out. I don't know if I was just lucky, or if it will happen with all good leather... :idea:
  8. you did what
  9. Noreedoll,
    It'll be OK!!! I have this same bag and I spilled perfume on the front. It looked like hell for the first week or so...it eventually faded and now fits right in with the natural variations of this leather. Trust me....it will fade. Sometimes when you clean and try to get a spot out, it will make it worse. I was heartbroken and wanted to sell it on eBay. I did protect mine last weekend. I used applegard conditioner on it first..waited a day...then sprayed it with applegard spray. It looks great.....the leather didn't change.
  10. oh thank you!! i feel so much better reading this!

    and you know, i've been watching it all day, and it does seem to be getting lighter and lighter. i think i will just leave it alone and protect it with a leather protector. i'll probably call and see if the chloe' store recommends any specific brand or product for protection.

    and from now on, it will never go into the bathroom with me! :shame:

  11. thanks to you too! i am just going to leave it alone and let it do its thing :smile:
  12. Yes, just leave it alone. I've had bags in the past where I tried to get spots out and it ruined them. Let us know what Chloe says about treatment.
  13. will do!
  14. I used Kiwi Protect-All spray on my Silverado and Balenciaga bags. ;)
  15. the water spots have all melted into the leather just like some of you said - i didn't even have to do anything! :biggrin:

    i am SO loving my Silverado, i carry it far more than my paddington....