water retention issues

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  1. i have always had a problem with water retention and it made me sooo paranoid on many occasions.

    i remember that i went to disneyworld during mid sept when the weather was soooooo hot, i swear i almost died.
    the temperature was at about 40 degree celcius and that night, i went home with my feet puffy.... i was so worried, thinking that i must be having probls with my kidney... so i drank lots of water and went to bed.
    The next day, the swelling disappeared.
    I then knew that its common for water retention to occur during very high temperatures.

    I am drinking soo much water now, just to make sure that i hit the minimum 8 cups of water thing and i do notice my water retention improving.
    I can now see the veins on my feet!
    during times when the retention is bad, i coud not see the veins at my feet .

    The sides of my ankles still looked puffy but the thing is, when i use my fingers to press it, it does not leave a dent.
    when i press it higher, it leaves a shallow one that disappears in like 5 seconds.
    i was worried again...
    went to see the doctor and was told that this is not considered as water retention.. becos if its serious, the toes will curl inwards.
    i was told that some people just retain water abit more than the others .

    does anyone of you have probls with water retention?

    so how do you guys cope with it?
  2. I do and I take a multi vitamin supplement that have all of the vitamin B's in it and it helps a lot. Sometimes i also take a natural water pill or evening primrose oil. Try some of these and let me know if they help. I take the womens multi vitamin form Vitacost its
    NSI Synergy Women's Multi-Vitamin Version 4 -- 240 Capsules. Hope this helps, let me know your results
  3. My advice is if you are worried about a problem with your kidneys, I would get a urinalysis done, or even buy some of those at-home protein test strips that you can buy at the drugstore.
    It is common, though, the edema as age progresses, as well as in obese people.
    Also, do you eat a lot of salt? Usually that can cause it.
    Either way, I would maybe go to the doctor again to get his/her opinion about what could be causing it.
  4. Avoid salty stuff, drink lots of water and/or green tea, asparragus, pineapple, artichokes... all those things help quite a lot with water retention.
  5. Ditto- eat anti- inflamatory foods, avoid high glycemic carbs and salt.
  6. thank you everyone for your advices.
    i have been drinkin like a fish recently!
    and thanks for the food recommendations, i can totally do with that.
    i love salty things so much but i guess, to save myself, i really need to cut down on that.
    also, i've heard that coke needs to be cut down too.
    i have no idea why bt i have decided to heed that advice too.
  7. I have the exact same problem, and I thought I was the only one!!!

    I have to work out, sweat all the crap out!! I can't eat anything with any salt, I must eat like a rabbit, then I am ok!

    Good luck to you, there is nothing worse than not being able to go out with shorts or skirts on and cute flip-flops or heels without being afraid of my feet swelling. It is one of my biggest insecurities.
  8. Avoid too much salt. Salt follows water. Try to elevate your legs too when in bed. Use pillow under your feet. Or when you're sitting on the chair, rest your feet on the stool or something